Let's connect the dots at Intertraffic Amsterdam 2021

23 - 26 March 2021

Hall 12, booth #12.807

Free of charge entrance upon contacting us

Intertraffic stage

Theatre 3

"Fair Tolling versus Data Protection"

Aigars Jaundalders, Head of IT Solutions and Development, dots. & Matthias Prick, Head of Tolling Solution Center, VITRONIC

Why go to Intertraffic Amsterdam?

4 days, 1 location, 800 exhibitors, 30,000+ professionals.

Buckle up, Intertraffic Amsterdam is on its way! If you are into technologies and innovations for the transportation industry, then Intertraffic is a place where to park your smart car.

Intertraffic Amsterdam has become the platform of choice for fields of infrastructure, traffic management, road safety, parking and smart mobility. World-leading companies and stakeholders display and demonstrate their latest solutions during the four-day exhibition with a focus on personal encounters.

Yes, we’ll be there, too. Yes, in the biggest industry event of the year. Yes, you should come as well.

Why to have conversation with us?

In a sea full of countless technological possibilities and potentialities, it’s central to find a common denominator between technological complicity and everyday practicality.

We have learned that by connecting the latest advancements in Cloud and Machine Learning it is possible to solve challenges related to road transportation management in the most valuable way possible.

We have created FITS - AI-based Future Intelligent Transportation System - with various modules. Most customers have road and transportation sensors from across a spectrum of vendors and suppliers. FITS automatically collects data from all and any such sensors into a unified data store, fuses it with AI engines and enables business process specific processing for any data-driven use case - from speed enforcement to traffic optimization. It also monitors the fleet of sensors to ensure maximum data collection uptime and includes 24/7 monitoring centre services.

Fine. What else?

Our core expertise has been developed around:

1. Software solutions that enable efficient traffic management, safety enforcement and essential ITS sensor monitoring.

2. Use cases such as speed enforcement, ANPR-based vignette enforcement, road-side sensor management and monitoring.

3. Vehicle classification leveraging computer vision technologies and our research and development into the latest in deep neural network methods.

4. dots. project experience demonstrates the capability of providing software solutions, that enable high efficiency and automation level through the integration of various traffic sensors and making them work as a unified system.

Platform that helps to solve the issue of sensors not "talking" to each other.

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Let’s connect the dots at #12.807!

We will be happy to mee you!

And talk transportation management!

If you too are into computer vision, ITS and mobility, or would like to visit Intertraffic Amsterdam, please, leave your contacts below and we will contact you directly.