24 / 7 Monitoring

Why bother?

Setting up IT infrastructure, setting up systems, creating computer networks and launching it all, does not mean that all tasks have been done. To ensure a constant and high-quality IT environment, it is essential to keep track of system operation and to solve eventual errors and deviations from the norm as quickly as possible, proactively being the best way.

How does it work?

dots. offers performing system monitoring for you, thus ensuring that the systems and the services they provide both comply with the everyday needs of the company.

What are we offering?

We have a dedicated monitoring center where 24/7 somebody is watching performance and alert data. In case of a problem it is possible to start solving the problem immediately or contact some other of your partners (e.g. physical security) to ensure proper and effective problem remediation and escalation.

Mostly we work with two system monitoring solutions:

  • Zabbix, suited for monitoring system accessibility and performance;
  • Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM): one of the best monitoring solutions for Microsoft infrastructure that also supports monitoring Unix and Linux.

What are the benefits?

Uninterrupted monitoring of systems

We will supervise the operation of your systems continuously, including weekends, holidays and night-time.

Quick reaction

As soon as we notice deviations from the norm, we can restart the operation of the system and avert errors, as well as inform your respective employees.


We will prepare reports of the systems’ operation and the errors we have found so that you could notice deviations from the norm in a timely manner.

Let's manage.

We are happy to share our knowledge, experience and expertise. Let us know what you need, and we will contact you directly.