Azure website hosting


The Azure website hosting service is for you if:

1. Multiple developers provide your current enterprise website hosting without a standardized process 

2. Hosting providers host your websites using several different technologies and SLAs 

3. You want to standardize, automate, control, and stage the deployment process 4. You are looking to centralize the website hosting environment


The service provides the following benefits:

1. Websites hosted on a world-class cloud provider (Microsoft Azure) 

2. Standardized cloud web hosting environment for all websites using Azure PaaS services 

3. Automated or semi-automated build and release processes 

4. Azure website hosting using Azure App Service and Docker technologies 

5. Scalable architecture using Azure Front Door 

6. Website protection with Azure Web Application Firewall (WAF)


The general course of action to centralize website hosting:

1. Analysis of existing website hosting technologies and processes 

2. Designing the architecture of Azure website hosting infrastructure 

3. Creating an automated deployment process both for hosting infrastructure and individual website instances 

4. Designing website build and release pipelines 

5. Onboarding websites for the new environment 

6. Monitoring performance and health of the enterprise website hosting