Infrastructure security tests

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  • IT network infrastructure security testing (LAN/WAN/WLAN/Cloud/Hybrid). Red team, Purple team tests.
  • Cybersecurity specialists will audit internal and/or external networks, including Wi-Fi and, if required, cloud-based infrastructure.
  • Security testing of internal LANs can be executed in person or via VPN. In this case, we can simulate potential threats posed by your employees, third parties with network access, or a computer containing malware.

Tests typically check the security of VPN connections, the security of devices and network segmentation connected to the internal network, the security of computers and servers deployed on the network as well as the ability of attackers to intercept and decipher user passwords and use them to access vital systems in your business (e.g., ERP, CRM, or accounting).

 In addition, we offer Red/Purple team tests that combine intrusion techniques with social engineering, physical perimeter bypass attempts, etc.

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