Microsoft Intune - Windows workstation management

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What is it?

Microsoft Intune is workstation and mobile device management solution. Intune is the cloud part of Microsoft Endpoint Manager, which means that no servers are required in your datacenter to start using it, you just activate the cloud instance and manage it with console running in cloud. As Intune is cloud service it does not matter whether computers are on internal or external network, as long as they have internet connectivity, they are being managed and receive updates, software and configuration changes.

Project implementation

Implementation of Windows workstation management with Intune project consists of following activities:

  • Configuring Active Directory and Azure AD integration (if computers are joined to AD domain);
  • Joining existing computers to Azure AD and enrolling them to Intune;
  • Creating and testing procedure to enroll new computers to Intune;
  • Configure and demo Intune functionality (update management, application deployment, Windows configuration and compliance policies, antivirus, firewall and security policies, Bitlocker encryption, etc.);
  • Project result presentation and answers to questions.

Your benefits

  • Centralized workstation management without requiring servers in your data center, which means that you don’t need technical resources and reduced administrative effort for maintenance and system updates
  • Centralized workstation management inside and outside of corporate network
  • Update management, application management, Windows configuration and compliance policies, antivirus, firewall management, Bitlocker management, and other security feature management
  • Reduced administrative effort required to reset passwords and unlock accounts
  • Responsible and reliable project implementation, which will be performed by highly qualified specialists with solid experience working with Microsoft technologies and infrastructure management solutions

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