Biometric software use measurable physical characteristics (fingerprints, facial images, iris scans etc.) to identify and authenticate individuals. In general, a web service operates as a mediator for comparing biometric elements, obtained in the presence, between information stored in official biometric systems. To protect biometric data, the software also includes a specialised security solution.

Project implementation

Depending on the customer's business needs, it is feasible to adjust an existing solution or develop a new one based on the experience of CBEFF and ANSI/NIST-ITL. At the phase of implementing, we ensure the development of a full software cycle by highlighting the requirements analysis, where the most appropriate biometric technology is identified, as well as the specification of the rules for data collection, processing, storage and analysis and integration with other systems.

Your benefits

Improved security of the existing systems

Ensured compliance with national legislation

Reduced risk of errors and fraudulent practices

A scalable solution that can handle an increasing number of users and data points

Reduced administrative burden, e.g. by managing individuals access to an institution.

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