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WSO2 digital Innovations in Retail Fashion Industry

The Customer

The company has around 5000 employees and approximately 480 stores in 18 markets in the Nordic countries, the Baltic States, Central Europe and the Middle East. 15 years ago, this Swedish fashion chain began its first foray into e-commerce. 

The Challenge

Started with a monolithic architecture, which had worked satisfactorily for a decade, after a while they started to notice a lag - they had accumulated a lot of technical debt over the years and security models had changed along the way.  

The company wanted an omnichannel app that gave users a hassle-free experience, with product information, prices, and promotions being shared between the app, website, and stores. 

The Solution

These requirements, along with the need for an open-source solution, led them to WSO2 API Manager (which addresses API management, development, and integration). They also chose WSO2 Identity Server, which is optimized for identity federation and single-sign. 

The new platform consisted of: 

  • customer loyalty app, 
  • the new ‘My Store’ app,  
  • other customer experience solutions on the top layer, 
  • all to be exposed via an API layer.

The Result

With the new API design in place, the company now offers a modern shopping experience for its customers. Want to learn more about how wso2 can help you?


"WSO2 and open source make it a breeze to start any new experimental project."