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WSO2 Open Source Technology to Solve Complex Integration Needs in Travel Industry

The Customer


A travel and meetings management company, which operates in 140 countries, receives over 3 million messages and makes 100 million service calls, all in one day! 

To effectively deal with the sheer volume of messages and calls, the company launched a platform that captures all global bookings on various transport companies in one system and functions as their single source of real-time and historic trip data.

The Challenge

This company was looking for a strong orchestration layer on which to build this platform. They had an existing legacy system, part of which was a Java application that had thousands of lines of code across different files. 

For this reason, each redeployment required IT to shut down then restart the entire system. Also, they were looking for a product that allowed customization together with reliability. Hence, the decision to go ahead with the WSO2 Enterprise Integration was made.

The Solution

The company has many connecting systems and wanted to enforce a single-entry point to their application (platform).

Thus, the architecture is built in a way that everything connects via WSO2 Enterprise Integrator, and all orchestration between microservices happens within WSO2 Enterprise Integrator itself. This architecture has worked for 2 years to date, without a single instance of downtime.

The Result

This solution is an integral component of the company’s aim to provide travel management tools that offer millions of customers around the world the best possible travel experience. Want to learn more about how WSO2 can help you?


"WSO2 is a better candidate compared to other products out there in the market in terms of cost, reliability, support, and especially customization.”