WSO2 for Smarter Transport Management System for London

The Customer


An integrated transport authority responsible for transport in London, run the day-to-day operation of the Capital's public transport network and manage London's main roads has a daily challenge - to keep a city of over 8 million people moving around the metropolis.

The Challenge

Its magnitude can neither guarantee the transport system will always absorb commuters nor give them a congestion-free experience. 

Moreover, the London Underground strike once saw a 3% increase in traffic and a staggering 90-minute increase in journey time. Estimates project a 60% increase in congestion around central London by 2031. 

Hence, early enough authority understood how even the smallest of changes in traffic has a massive impact on Londoners’ journey. 

The Solution

The entity decided to become more intelligent with technology to reduce commuter times, make the roads safer for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers, and slow the pace of traffic and get valuable insight from data to better manage the city’s entire road space of pavements, cycle lanes and motorways.

They created a new road management system that relies on WSO2’s API management, integration, identity and access management, and analytics products for the intelligent work needed. 

The Result

This system is used to registry all road works and street-related events, both planned and current, assess road networks, coordinate the various road works to minimize congestion and for inspection, compliance, and monitoring. Maps and forms of type data have been integrated to allow entry of incidents into the system and their identification on the map.



"WSO2 is a good company to work with, they understand things from a customer’s point of view, and they deliver from a business perspective. In our case, it was to transform the way we deliver operational technology.”