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Fits.speed: Speeding Enforcement Management System

The Customer

The Road Traffic Safety Directorate (CSDD) is a public limited company that deals with vehicle registration, drivers’ qualification exams, issuing driving licenses, technical inspection, road safety audits and general monitoring, maintaining the public register as well as educating and informing road users.

The Challenge

Due to the limited number of outdated speed detection devices and the increased number of car accidents caused by speeding, the Latvian demography and economy were suffering considerably. The challenge was to create a cost-effective and fast roll-out solution to improve road safety.

The Solution

The solution was to deploy speed cameras - powerful and precise, difficult to damage, equipped with 24/7 monitoring and a re-trained deep neural network for ANPR/MMR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition and Make and Model Recognition), allowing to detect upcoming issues, pre-process speeding violations, enable rapid response, ensure statistical analysis and educate drivers about being safe on the road.

The Result

In 2016-2018, the number of traffic accidents have dropped by 47% and serious traffic accidents - by 45%. Moreover, in 2016, 97 257 speeding protocols were processed and penalties for the total of 3.7M EUR were imposed, proving that the funds invested in the solution can be paid off within 1-2 years. But most importantly 0 deaths were recorded due to speeding in these locations where speed cameras have been placed.


Every year 1M people worldwide die due to car accidents. That makes half of the population of Latvia. And if we can change this atrocious statistic by improving the road environment, it’s our number one priority! Last year, 3 790 car accidents were recorded in Latvia, but by implementing new technology speed cameras, we were able to significantly decrease these numbers, allowing us to believe that the cameras are doing their job properly.

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