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How does our system work?

The core purpose of AiHEN is to gather data accumulated from various sensors, such as temperature, humidity, light and video camera, and to predict the production volume of laid eggs with the help of Microsoft Azure Cloud and AI, as well as to automatically detect anomalies in the feeding supply.

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If you are at EuroTier why not to learn about the possibilities that Artificial Intelligence provide?

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Everything we do, we do with devotion and accuracy. We believe in a simple solution to any complex problem, and that tremendous results can be achieved by understanding the root of the challenge. We are among the few market players who, within few months scope, are able to deploy and built a industry-specific platform AiHEN that ingests and processes data and automates business processes for egg producers. It puts all the production data at the fingertips of poultry experts and management wherever they are, at any time, in a manner specifically addressing the requirements of the poultry industry.

How can we help?

Based on your core need, currently available resources and with little upfront investments we will agilely build and implement a tailored solution that provides maximum operational efficiency liberating egg producers from most laborious IT maintenance and operational tasks usually associated with running enterprise-grade applications in-house.

Who are we?

WeAreDots, SIA (dots.): a technology company with 20-year experience that combines innovative, dedicated and certified IT professionals with in-depth expertise and an extensive knowhow in various cloud technologies and on-premise solutions. Thanks to our passionate team we are able to provide full life-cycle of an IT system from the first contact and design up to development, IT security testing, deployment and maintenance.