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Joining ERTICO family



We strive to take a different approach in the traditional Intelligent Transport Systems industry, by using the latest advancements in Cloud and machine learning to solve challenges faced by road transportation management, thus joining ERTICO - ITS Europe, a public-private partnership of 120 companies and organisations, is a course to take.

ERTICO embodies thought leadership and fosters stakeholder engagement. Together with partners, ITS Europe develops, promotes and deploys Intelligent Transport Systems and Services (ITS) through a variety of activities including European co-funded projects, innovation platforms, international cooperation, advocacy and events. 

We are utterly honoured and delighted to become a part of ERTICO's family. Our expertise shares a close affinity with their ambitions, projects and activities. Only together common technologies and solutions in the area of parking enforcement, traffic control systems, intelligent transport, emergency management and vehicle traffic surveillance can be strengthened.

By deploying well-known road-side sensor data processing and management platform in the Baltic region and particular in Latvia, Aleksandrs Romanovs, WeAreDots, SIA Business consultant says, “We want to reach out further and deploy smarter transport innovation for Europe. ERTICO is the way to do this!”

"ERTICO is excited to support WeAreDots, SIA towards the development, promotion and deployment of smarter and cleaner transport services and networks for the benefit of the entire European community and looks forward to presenting the company at one of its Partnership events, such as 13th ITS European Congress" notes ERTICO board.