A New Wave of AI-Enhanced Workplace Learning



In the ever-changing world of business, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is making workplace learning more effective and engaging than ever. Lately, business AI has been changing how employees learn by moving away from the traditional approach of everyone being taught the same thing with the same methods at the same speed. Enabled by the rapid development of AI, learning continues to become much more personalized and fun. The good news: this is just the beginning.

In the center of the change is a new type of platform that addresses the growing need for personalized learning approaches in the corporate environment. Utilizing the Microsoft ecosystem, it makes learning at work easy and fun. This means employees can learn new things in a place they already know and like – right within the familiar Microsoft Teams environment.

In 2022, WeAreDots, a Latvian technology company, introduced a state-of-the-art solution for corporate learning called Intervy. This tool is a smart learning buddy that fits learning into even the busiest of schedules using short microlearning lessons. It customizes both what you learn and how you're tested, making the acquisition of new skills fun and straightforward.

From Intervy to Ervy: A Journey of Evolution
This year marked the transformation of Intervy into Ervy, a significant rebranding effort that underscores a commitment to innovation and the simplification of workplace learning. The evolution from Intervy to Ervy (ervy.app) reflects a desire to further integrate, engage, and enhance the corporate learning experience.

Since its launch, the platform has attracted over 20000 users from more than 400 companies, illustrating the significant impact on workplace learning. The focus is on innovating the technology and forming strategic partnerships to increase the value delivered to users and companies.

Here’s what this platform does:
Employee Training: The platform offers a range of expert-curated courses ready for immediate use, along with the capability to generate personalized microlearning lessons from any document uploaded, utilizing AI technology. The ready-made courses cover such topics as essential end user security training, as well as cybersecurity for experts, workplace communication training, and employee wellness.

Knowledge Retrieval: Employees are empowered to ask any questions they might have about the lessons or seek information on the company's internal guidelines, policies, and procedures through an AI-powered virtual assistant. All information can be retrieved by asking questions in simple, natural language.

Distinctive Features of Ervy:

Engaging and effective learning methods: The learning platform incorporates gamification and innovative strategies to enhance knowledge retention. Techniques, such as spaced repetition, uphold the learners’ motivation and keep learning an experience that’s rewarding and mentally stimulating.

Integration with Microsoft Teams: Ervy embeds learning into daily workflows, facilitating continuous growth. This means learners can access the materials they need whenever they want to and learn at their convenience.

Smart learning: The solution goes beyond one-size-fits-all training and delivers personalized learning experiences perfectly suited to individual needs and preferences. Each user’s learning journey is created and adjusted by an algorithm that analyzes the current skills and knowledge gaps of the learner.

Customizable company training: Ervy simplifies the creation of tailored employee training methods with the help of AI course builder. L&D professionals can transform any document – from a policy update to a product manual – into an engaging course within minutes.

Instant knowledge retrieval: Just ask, and the Ervy knowledge assistant will dive deep into your knowledge base, instantly fetching the needed information from Word or PDF documents and other data sources. It can answer such questions as “What’s the company policy on working from home?” and “Does my insurance cover physiotherapy?”, as well as much more.

Data-driven insights: The tool employs analytics for informed decision-making and to allow the administrator to refine learning strategies. Learner engagement and lesson completion data help continuously track the effectiveness of training programs, allowing for timely adjustments and advancements in the learning experience.

Embarking on the Ervy Experience

Ervy is designed to be a tool that puts companies at the forefront of AI-enhanced business learning transformation and makes them future-proof. It empowers organizations to cultivate a culture of continuous workplace learning and adaptation, crucial for thriving in today's dynamic environment. With Ervy, the future of learning transcends concept to become a tangible reality being built today.