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New project of the Mechanical Engineering Competence Centre “Development of compact container cells of robot manipulators for processing of heterogeneous objects”



Within the scope of activity “Support for development of new products and technologies within competence centres” of specific objective 1.2.1 “To increase investments of private sector in R&D” of the Operational Programme “Growth and Employment” from 1 April 2019 to 31 December 2021 SIA MAŠĪNBŪVES KOMPETENCES CENTRS is implementing project No. “Mechanical engineering competence centre”.

As part of the “Mechanical Engineering Competence Centre” project, on 1 April 2019 SIA WeAreDots starts the implementation of research project No. 4.2 “Development of compact container cells of robot manipulators for processing of heterogeneous objects”.

The aim of the research project – carrying out high-frequency production tasks, both simple and complicated, in constant quality and for long periods of time, is a very exhausting task that makes people tired and they lose their pace and attention. At the same time, human involvement is justified only to the extent that is necessary to resolve an approaching or non-standard situation for which it is difficult to prepare a predictable algorithm for execution by manipulators.             

To identify the technological sites of the various food industry manufacturing processes, in which the introduction of robot manipulators equipped with computer vision and machine learning options will give a better economic effect, and to produce working prototypes for that. To develop solutions by providing optimal models of cooperation between humans and robot manipulators, promoting meaningful work performance of employees and the placement of staff in deficit at those production stages, where human participation and direct performance are justified and irreplaceable.