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Tallin Digital Summit 2018


“If you’re arguing against AI then you’re arguing against safer cars that aren’t going to have accidents, and you’re arguing against being able to better diagnose people when they’re sick.” —Mark Zuckerberg

Tallinn Digital Summit 2018 brought together the Heads of Government and ministers, the tech community and influential thinkers of digital-minded nations driving the global conversation on the implications of digitalisation on governments, economies and societies. The annual invite-only event was held from 15 - 16 October 2018 in Tallinn.

The summit offered a chance to spotlight the latest opportunities of digitisation, to shape a more coherent approach to challenges brought by digital transformation and to enhance practical sharing of ideas and lessons among the frontrunners of digital nations.

In one of the sessions, deliberately focussing on security and safety, Aigars Jaundalders, Head of IT Solutions and Development at dots., was invited as an expert. Together with other frontrunners, Aigars brought some thoughts into shape and conjured approaches on how to increase public safety by means of machine learning and acknowledging the urgency of building machine learning solutions safer for a person.