IT Network Assessment


One of the most important requirements for an efficient internal and external exchange of information is the provision of a quality data transmission network for its users. IT network provides connectivity for various devices, such as: workstations, printers, servers. Nowadays, technology has evolved and its proper installation, maintenance, and problem solving are required by a skilled workforce


dots. offers FREE OF CHARGE existing IT network Assessment to evaluate its quality, configuration and provide recommendations for its improvement, following good practice recommendations.

List of works:

  • Identification and compilation of data transmission network requirements;
  • Evaluation of available network documentation;
  • Evaluation of the passive part of the network infrastructure:
    • Visual assessment of the cable infrastructure;
    • IT network line and point connection infrastructure analysis;
    • Patch cord quality and relevance assessment.
  • Evaluation of the active part of the network infrastructure:
    • Identification of equipment used in network;
    • Compliance assessment of used network hardware versus company's requirements;
  • Initial evaluation of current network hardware configuration;
  • Preparation of recommendations for prevention of identified deficiencies (if any)


Right after IT Network Assessment, we can offer you:

Service is designed to minimize the need for internal human resources and to entrust the management / monitoring of your IT network to dots. resources

We help companies deal with situations where there is no economic justification to hire a permanent IT security specialist. We offer comprehensive assistance that enables the company to effectively manage security risks

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