SQL Server Performance Diagnostics and Troubleshooting


Are You having performance issues with MS SQL server? Have you noticed any slow-downs? Is your application working slowly or running larger BI queries takes forever? To identify possible causes and solutions we recommend performing MS SQL diagnostics and see what must be done to improve server performance.


Normally SQL server diagnostics are time-consuming and quite complex process that requires experienced manpower and a lot of time to investigate and identify possible causes and solutions. However, dots. has managed to create a methodology and an approach which is lightweight and does not take months to complete. Combining dedicated tools and experience in IT infrastructure and development we can identify most of the SQL server performance problems and provide you with the realistic action plan on how to mitigate them. Typically, most of the problems relate to one or more of the following categories:

  • Server infrastructure and hardware
  • SQL Server running parameters
  • Indexes
  • Bad DB or query design etc.


dots. will prepare easily readable report, according to diagnostic findings, sorted by impact and priorities, that will include actions you have to take in order to make your server perform and work better. Dots. would like to help you with the implementation of the recommendations as well, but that’s another topic

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