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Why we created fits.hub?

If an organization plans to deploy or already has hundreds of various road-side sensors, but it must use different solutions to manage them, centralized monitoring platform can help achieve superior service operation.

By connecting different road-side sensors through a single platform, organizations are able to maintain sensor operational status, quickly detect sensor faults or anomalies. That leads to a more efficient maintenance processes, and decreased costs and a better overall service to road network participants

What problem does it solve?

Road-side sensors usually come with their own management and monitoring software. That causes inefficient maintenance processes, due to necessity to use multiple monitoring solutions. Hence, the ability to react fast, if any sensor goes out of operation, is impacted. Centralized sensor monitoring provides a consolidated view of all of the sensor infrastructure and enables efficient service operation.

Who is it designed for?

Fits. systems are designed for:

  1. Law Enforcement,
  2. Road and City Administrations,
  3. Public Safety Organizations,
  4. Road Sensor Service Companies,
  5. Manufacturers,
  6. and all other entities who welcome innovations into their cities and are determined to enhance community’s safety.

Where's the catch?

  1. Data collected into a unified store from all sensors.
  2. Sensor monitoring service option – we will keep an eye on your fleet of sensors to ensure their operational status.
  3. Micro-targeting for vehicle type and other attributes. Adaptable AI engine can be trained to recognize country and city specific vehicle types with high accuracy (e.g. to recognize public transport vehicles in a specific city).
  4. Maximum precision for license plate and issuing country recognition, highly resistant to weather conditions, view angle etc.
  5. Automatic data collection from sensors.

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