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Why we created Fits.toll?

To enhance road development.

Roads and means of transport make a crucial contribution to the economic development and growth, bringing important social benefits with it. Poorly maintained roads constrain mobility, significantly add to vehicle operating costs, increase accident rates and the costs associated with them.

Seeking for an automated go-to solution, Latvian authorities decided to introduce the Road User Charge - a payment for using the main state and regional Latvian roads to facilitate their maintenance and development, as well as to promote the use of environmentally friendly vehicles. To learn more, read Latvian Toll Enforcement Case Study.

What does fits.toll do?

To serve this purpose we created Fits.toll, where all sensor data is processed with proprietary deep learning computer vision. It processes workflow to detect, segment, classify, recognize and cross-correlate objects for multimedia data (e.g. to determine the class of the offending vehicle and recognize its number plate). As the next step, the specific data workflow is applied to a particular activity (e.g. processing and issuing the speeding ticket, adjusting dynamic road signage readings based on meteorological inference from weather station data etc.) and required data is provided to any relevant agencies (e.g. road authorities for tolling enforcement).

Fits.toll is a fully automated and vendor-independent toll enforcement system, connected to different road sensors scanning passing vehicles, based on real-time visual data and providing sufficient information about both the traffic flow (vehicle type, time, location, country) and vehicle status (e.g. the owner has purchased Road User Charge and Insurance, paid for entering a Low Emission Zone, has passed Vehicle Safety Inspection, or performed other transportation-related check-ups), so that the necessary actions can be taken.

Who is it designed for?

Fits. systems are designed for:

  1. Law Enforcement,
  2. Road and City Administrations,
  3. Public Safety Organizations,
  4. Road Sensor Service Companies,
  5. Manufacturers,
  6. and all other entities who welcome innovations into their cities and are determined to enhance the community’s safety.

Where's the catch?

  1. SMS or e-mail notifications
  2. Vendor-independent adaptability
  3. FCNN and LSTM bases smart license plate recognition
  4. Vehicle's quality verification

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