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Why we created

To take road safety to the next level.

Computer vision technology enables to collect a lot of useful information that can be used to improve traffic monitoring and road safety without the need to install variety of other sensors that can often be either limited in the information output or costly to install and maintain.

What purpose does serve?

  • Traffic flow analysis, real-time counting and vehicle type classification with ANPR detection
  • Intersection monitoring with origin – destination detection and left-turn compliance monitoring
  • Bus-lane monitoring with ANPR detection
  • Pedestrian and cyclist counting and monitoring

Leveraging deep neural networks allows to collect and extract information such as vehicle count and type, path taken, flow-rate and queue length, travel times, lane changes, incidents in specific locations. Automation of these tasks significantly improves ability of responsible authorities to proactively deal with unplanned situations and react faster to incidents that happen on the road.

Who is it designed for?

Fits. systems are designed for:

  1. Law Enforcement,
  2. Road and City Administrations,
  3. Public Safety Organizations,
  4. Road Sensor Service Companies,
  5. Manufacturers,
  6. and all other entities who welcome innovations into their cities and are determined to enhance community’s safety.

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