Independent Assessment

IT security audit will provide a comprehensive assessment of the factual cybersecurity situation in your company’s IT infrastructure. 

Certified IT security auditors will identify both existing and potential IT security threats. Identified risks will be classified by threat level and realistic recommendations will be made to efficiently lower your organization’s cybersecurity risks. 

Audit can be based on best practice standards such as ISO 27001, ISO 27017, OWASP or other external rules or standards such as MK442 or PCI DSS. 


  • Gain a comprehensive assessment of the factual cybersecurity situation of the company in line with best practice recommendations (ISO 27001, ISO 27017, PCI DSS, BOM 442, OWASP, etc.). 

  • Assessment of IT infrastructure and external perimeter security from the point of view of the “hacker” - list of hazardous vulnerabilities and configuration failures visible by technical means. Independent experts take on existing cybersecurity risks. 

  • Recommendations based on defined priorities. Our specialists will offer compensatory security controls for situations where outdated (legacy) systems should continue to be used for the time being, but risks should preferably be mitigated. 

IT audit includes

Our cybersecurity specialists will assess both existing and potential cybersecurity threats in the company’s infrastructure and make tailor-made recommendations for the implementation of proven, best practice-based measures to increase company’s cybersecurity. 


  • Assessment of the current cybersecurity situation in the company, both through process and documentation analysis. 

  • Assessment of IT management procedures. 

  • Security tests for infrastructure configuration and identification of vulnerabilities. 

  • Possible safety risks identification will be carried out at all stages. 

  • Report containing identified security risks, management summary and detailed recommendations. 


While auditing, we will also practice “real” hacker methods to break into the organization's computer network and access protected data to maximize the company's security against cyber-attacks. 


We will also test the security of cloud services used and the relationship with IT outsourcers. 


IT security audit will be carried out by experienced cyber security specialists with CISA, CISSP, CEH, LPT, CDPSE certificates. 

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