IT System Maintenance and Support

Why bother?

With the wide and constantly growing offering of various IT technologies and ever-changing normative regulations and rules, it is not uncommon that IT and security department managers are running short on both - technical and time resources.

What are we offering?

In order to be able for an organization to focus on their business and at the same time be confident about the functionality and security of their IT infrastructure, dots. offers services which help to maintain and support the IT infrastructure.

We will provide Infrastructure services, such as:

  • Planning and developing,
  • Server maintenance  (patching, monitoring, configuring),
  • Workstation maintenance and user support,
  • Change implementation,
  • Regular system health checks,
  •  System and network monitoring etc.

What are the benefits?

  • Cooperation with a team of highly qualified experts, specialists in their field
  • Remote and on-site support during and outside business hours
  • Crisis management, as well as involving the necessary resources to avert the crisis as quickly as possible.

This service is provided by Squalio.

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