Microsoft Exchange Server Upgrade and Migration

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Microsoft Exchange Server is the market leader in the on-premises email system segment.

In addition to email, Exchange offers calendar sharing and task and contact management. An important note is that Exchange Server works only with Microsoft Active Directory.

Why important?

To stay supported, get security patches, and new functionality, Microsoft Exchange Server has to be upgraded to newer versions as each version has a limited support lifecycle.

Exchange upgrade is not an easy task as it requires a specific set of knowledge and email usually is one of the most critical resources in organizations, therefore it is important to minimize downtime for users while performing the upgrade.

Why is upgrading important? 

  • Security risks are increased if Exchange is not renewed;
  • Latest Exchange versions support current Microsoft Office versions;
  • Supports integration with Microsoft Teams and other online services;
  • In some cases, the Exchange system architecture can be improved.

Project implementation

Typically, Microsoft Exchange Server upgrade project is carried out in the following stages:

  1. Analysis of the existing email system, during which we gather information about the existing environment and together define the requirements architecture, security, availability, and migration;
  2. Planning architecture, configuration, and migration;
  3. Installing new Exchange Server version and configuring coexistence with the existing system;
  4. Test user migration, acceptance tests;
  5. All user migration and reconfiguring connectors;
  6. Uninstalling old Exchange Server;
  7. Project conclusion meeting and result presentation.

Your benefits

Migrating and upgrading Microsoft Exchange Server provides the following benefits for your organization:

  • Microsoft supported solution with available security updates;
  • Email solution with latest features;
  • Professional and reliable implementation as dots. team has a lot of experience with upgrading and migrating various Microsoft Exchange versions and architectures.

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