Poultry Flock Management System: Aihen

What’s Aihen?

Aihen is a platform for poultry flock management, that increases egg production productivity and reduce production costs.

This system provides a centralized solution for solving several poultry-related problems, such as structured and regular data gathering, egg accounting and classification, real-time production anomaly detection and hen wellbeing monitoring by incorporating modern technology tailored into a user-friendly solution, uniquely made for the poultry industry.

How does the System Work?

Aihen helps to collect data both manually and automatically from various sensors, based upon company’s needs and wants.

The core purpose of Aihen is to help operate poultry business more efficiently, giving the right tools and insights to gain a deeper knowledge about production processes. You don't need to spend hours analyzing data, Aihen will show you what's important, advising the right action straightaway.

Who is Aihen designed for?


To obtain production data to use in expense reports


To obtain different charts and production data to interpret


To organize flock processes, such as feeding 


To organize different veterinary processes 

Technical workers

To make routine data gathering more effective 

Board of the directors

To gain information essential for financial planning, distribution and further business development

What are benefits?


Security against unauthorized data access 

Controle over / underproduction

By evaluate the risks and deciding on precautions

Sign up and you are good to go

Since solution is cloud-based it is available instantaneously

High customization

Breed and breed standart customization. Full customization of the system guarantees that Aihen will adapt your existing business processes

Complete Management

Easy to use and intuitive (UX) software for data collection and visualization

Who helps us in advancing Aihen?

Thanks to EU funded programme "2014 - 2020 INTERREG V-A Estonia - Latvia" project "Cloud-based IT platform for poultry flock management" we are able to further develop Aihen to deliver a product with the highest added value. The output of the project is, by collaborating between dots. and Wazombi with Straupes Ligzda, Linnu Talu and facilitated by Latvian Poultry Union and Estonian Poultry Society, to jointly build a product: cloud-based IT platform for poultry flock management designed for small and medium enterprises, that could be used for poultry flock management in programme area, Baltic region, European Union and beyond. ERDF contribution: 410 325.55 EUR.

To read more about the project please see the project website: www.aihen.eu.

This article reflects the views of the author. The managing authority of the programme is not liable for how this information may be used.

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