Privileged Access Management


What is Privileged Access Management?

Privileged Access Management (PAM) is a practice of managing, monitoring and controlling activities of privileged users. Privileged users are super admins who have elevated permission to access critical information

Why Privilege accounts are vulnerable?

Privileged accounts are the gateway to confidential information. Hence, these accounts are vulnerable to breaches. These accounts are spread across the enterprise touching every aspect of IT infrastructure like operating systems, databases, applications, and network devices. Hence, malicious insiders are always on a lookout to target these accounts for gaining access to the confidential information

What are the Challenges?

In a typical use case scenario, malicious insiders and compromised third party elements can take advantage when organizations pay scant attention to the rising number of privileged users in an enterprise IT environment.

Unaccounted surge in the number of endpoints and privileged accounts, consequently, provides potential ways to the compromised insiders and malicious third parties to gain access to enterprise networks and critical systems.

The threat is compounded by the fact that that these privileged accounts are often created in a ad-hoc manner. In this backdrop, there is a complete mismanagement and no tracking of privileges.

Absence of authorization, authentication, audit trails, monitoring and controlling of privileges puts the entire IT infrastructure under grave risk.

A modern-day enterprise requires a centralized and role and rule based privileged access management policy that automates the entitlement and validation process

How ARCON PAM helps in reinforcing the IT security posture?

IT Security, Risk and Compliance management team requires a robust Privilege Account Lifecycle Management. Privileged Access Management enables them to seamlessly manage, monitor and control the lifecycle of Privileged Accounts. This highly-scalable feature rich solution provides an additional security layer to safeguard your enterprise’s confidential data

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