Smart Parking Enforcement Solution: Spes.

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Why we created Spes?

To optimize and efficiently use your own resources.

We created Spes. as a unified solution to automate, optimize and enhance parking officers and operators daily performance. Fewer mistakes mean fewer customer complaints, and this significantly increases the overall level of consumer satisfaction. The system involves a mobile app with a connected thermal printer that allows officers in real-time to automatically check whether the owner of a vehicle has or has not paid for parking. If we caught your attention, read how Latvia decided to implement Parking Enforcement Solution in Riga, the capital city.

What SPES consists of?

Mobile App provides:

  1. Parking officers' route planner,
  2. Time control,
  3. Payment, subscription and interactive map view,
  4. Post-payment notifications.

Web platform provides:

  1. Event recording
  2. Time control, SMS event and case overview,
  3. Parking officers work statistics,
  4. Parking meters maintenance,
  5. Current location identification,
  6. Task definition and assessment,
  7. Parking officers' performance analysis
  8. Billing reports

What does Spes do?

In other words, Spes. is used to issue and print out post-payment notifications and forward them to the relevant owner. The cloud-based solution means that data is automatically sent to the operators' Web platform, where the operators can monitor and manage the activities of parking officers, analyse performance and statistics, organise routes, and generate reports. 

Who is it designed for?

Although Spes. have been developed specifically for Parking Enforcement Entities, we create similar systems for companies working in:

  1. Logistics,
  2. Any Service provision,
  3. Road Administration,
  4. Border Guidance,
  5. Enforcement.

Where's the catch?

  1. Overall process and daily performance analysis
  2. Quick post-payment notifications and printing
  3. Facilitated collaboration between management and parking officers
  4. Facilitated parking officer's performance
  5. Parking officers' local visualization
  6. Real-time data processing

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