System Migration and Upgrades

Why bother?

System migrations and renewals are some of the most complicated tasks of IT infrastructure maintenance, as during these processes essential changes are needed to be made in systems that are already operating and unsuccessful migrations or system renewals can cause substantial operation downtime and delay business processes.

How does it work?

The service includes migrating or renewing Microsoft Active Directories, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft System Center product groups and other solutions to a newer version.

Successful system migrations are comprised of several steps:

  • Gathering information about the existing environment and working on a migration scenario as well as rollback plan;
  • Preparing the new environment;
  • Performing the actual migration, transferring user data or renewing it directly (in-place);
  • Monitoring the operation of the new system afterwards as well as helping to solve errors, if such should appear;
  • Preparing supporting documentation.

What are the benefits?

  • Ensuring maximum accessibility of systems and services during migration.
  • Setting up a migration plan and coordinating possible downtime.
  • Choosing a migration scenario supported by the manufacturer.

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