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How do we get from a challenge to the solution?

To prevent the risks of your system being hacked, we do external IT hacking tests.


We evaluate current IT security and maturity level in your organization.


We identify IT risks, using automated tools and manual tests.


We give recommendations and implement custom-tailored solutions.


We carry out repeated testing to make sure security is up to standards.

Here's an example.

The Challenge

How to protect a business from hackers?

For more than 200 days most of the businesses don't even realize they have been hacked. To prevent this from happening we do IT Audits, Penetration Tests, Social Engineering and much more to identify the potential security threats.

The Solution

Sensitive data,
time and money

By using our recommendations, you’ll highly increase the company’s IT security level and prevent the possibilities for malicious data leak.

Let's protect.

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