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We strive to take a different approach in a traditional Intelligent Transportation Systems industry, by using the latest advancements in Cloud and Machine Learning to solve challenges related to road transportation management.

About FITS

At its core, FITS is AI-based Intelligent Transportation Platform. Most customers have road and transportation sensors from across a spectrum of vendors and suppliers. FITS automatically collects data from all and any such sensors into a unified data store, fuses it with AI engines and enables business process specific processing for any data-driven use case - from speed enforcement to traffic optimization. It also monitors the fleet of sensors to ensure maximum data collection uptime and includes 24/7 monitoring centre services.

Learn about FITS

Fits.vision for Computer Vision Tasks

Want to monitor traffic flow on a variety of roads?


Fits.speed for Speed Enforcement

Want to provide efficient speed control?


Fits.toll for Tolling Enforcement

Considering to implement the Road User Charge?


Fits.hub for Road Sensor Monitoring

Want to analyse and manage all road sensors in one unified data store?


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