Microsoft Intune - Mobilo iekārtu pārvaldība ar darba profilu

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What is Microsoft Intune and work profile on mobile devices?

Microsoft Intune is a cloud service that provides mobile device and computer management. Work profile, enabled by Intune, protects the company’s data (for example, email) when accessed from and used on mobile devices (Android and iOS). 

How does it work? 

When you enroll a mobile device to Microsoft Intune, a separate isolated environment is created (work profile) which is encrypted and additional security measures can be applied to it (for example, PIN code requirement, restriction to copy data outside work profile). If the device is lost or stolen, there are options to wipe just the company’s data or perform a full erase. 

This solution requires Microsoft Intune usage licenses. 

Project implementation 

Intune implementation project will consist of the following activities: 

  • Meeting to discuss configuration options and expected results; 

  • Microsoft Intune deployment and configuration; 

  • Enrolling test devices and testing configuration; 

  • Enrolling pilot devices to Intune, configuration tuning; 

  • Creating documentation. 


Your benefits

  • Secure access to company’s data from mobile devices; 

  • Ability to wipe company’s data from mobile devices if the situation requires; 

  • The solution which works in the cloud and has no impact on the organization’s on-prem datacenter; 

  • Intune configuration documentation; 

  • Reliable and precise implementation of the solution – the project will be executed by highly skilled specialists with solid experience in work with Intune and Microsoft technologies.

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