System integrations

WSO2 is an international opensource leader in API Services Management Solutions, according to Forrester Research data in 2020.
The aim of implementing WSO2 is to centralise integration point, i.e. all data providers are published in the central resource, while data consumers are turning to the one central point. WSO2 supplies not only centralisation of services but also re-publishes historical SOAP services in a modern REST style, thereby reducing the cost of data consumers development. Centralized management allows not only to create service repositories in one place, but also to monitor the performance, control capacity and authorize the usage.

Project implementation

In order to facilitate the process of the implementation, it is recommended to begin with the analysis of existing systems and mutual integrations (including external systems) and the selection of the most suitable WSO2 solution.

Your benefits

No change is required to existing (legacy) systems by using WSO2 integration platform and API Service Management Solution (API Manager)

System integration (API) safety

Reduced future investments

Mitigated technological risks

Prerogative of solution deployment, i.e. local solution, cloud solution or both

Scalability, configuration and continuous adaptability of the WSO2 integration platform and API Manager.

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