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WSO2 Digitalization to Improve Coordination for Natural Disaster Responses

The Customer

Bangladesh authorities created a web-based application and platform for collating, storing, and sharing geospatial data and for deploying spatial data infrastructures (SDIs). At present, this platform consists of more than 50 organizations, 250 GIS maps, and over 500 users!

The Challenge

Given the number of platforms, interoperability is a must, yet there was a lack of standardization and collaboration, due to the various organizations developing their own e-services. A central platform to search for all e-services was absent, security and monetization were issues of concern, and a collaboration mechanism was needed for data sharing.

The Solution

Bangladesh authorities decided to create a framework that addresses the inclusion of a national e-services bus for better coordination and collaboration, built by using WSO2 API Manager - an open-source API management platform that addresses the full API lifecycle, monetization, policy enforcement, and even allows customization as required.

The Result

WSO2 API Manager has enabled integration and access of e-services, access control, security and monetization, interoperability, and the sharing of services and documentation. 

Services integrated to date include food procurement, national identity database verification, government employee verification, geospatial data, birth and death registration, a digital municipality system etc. The implementation has met the objectives and improved both operational efficiency and coordination. Want to learn more about how wso2 can help you?


"WSO2 was the answer to our problems, WSO2 API Manager enabled us to access and communicate between e-Services of different government organizations. WSO2 Identity Server gave us controlled access and better security and monitoring facilities"