IT Infrastructure Assessment and Audit

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Why it is needed?

IT technologies are changing rapidly, and it is harder than ever to keep up with technology news and good practices and solution changes. Imperfect and ineffective IT system configurations can cause loss of productivity, security risks and extra expenditure.

How we will operate?

We will assess the IT infrastructure environment of a company of any size, identify the system architecture and configuration, as well as the conformity of IT maintenance and management processes to good practices.

We will assess the possibility to use cloud services instead of the existing technologies.

What does the assessment consist of?

The assessment includes a summary and a detailed description regarding each of the points assessed, providing an evaluation of the existing situation, the risks identified, as well as detailed recommendations on how to lower the risks and improve the situation.

WHO is it designed for?

IT managers, IT administrators, IT security managers.

What are the benefits?

By having the infrastructure assessed you will receive an independent review of the current situation and will be able to examine the risks, as well as receive guidance and specific suggestions for the further development of your IT infrastructure.

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