Cybersecurity Awareness Trainings for End Users

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What's in it for me?

IT security training for computer users is a service combining both the training of employees led by an experienced IT security specialist and an evaluation of their practical skills.

This methodology with its examples and tests distinctly demonstrates that everyone is exposed to the risks of IT security, even the most sceptical of employees.


The IT security training for employees includes:

  • a preparation interview with the head of IT or the CEO on the current events, client risks, current regulations, etc.;
  • an online or in-person training and a knowledge assessment test;
  • study materials for all participants.

By choosing the IT security training program, the members of your organization will acquire knowledge in the following subjects:

  • Everyone can be a target: the ways any employee can become a victim of a cyberattack.
  • Secure password usage. Demonstrations and examples of how to create and store passwords safely.
  • Security incident – how to identify the issue and what actions to take if the computer has been hacked, or affected by a virus, or malware.

When choosing an online training program, the topics and the learning process differs.

Why bother?

Despite the technological advancement, the human is still an integral part of IT security.

Unfortunately, the data shows that cybercriminals nowadays opt to manipulate humans instead of information systems. To acquire sensitive data or gain access to an essential business system a single phone call is made or a misleading email sent to an inattentive employee.

In some cases, collecting publicly available data can be enough to cause a threat. For example, if an employee has shared an image of an office in which the company’s WiFi password is visible. Do you know what your employees post on social media about their daily office life and job responsibilities? Due to this, it is essential to involve all employees through regular training and practical tests to improve the overall safety of the company.

What are the benefits?

Educated employees and computer users who:

  1. do not pose a threat to the organisation's network and the sensitive information it contains;
  2. comply with and understand the rules of computer use within the organisation;
  3. can spot suspicious emails and respond appropriately;
  4. can create a secure password, and understand why it must be changed regularly;
  5. are aware that anyone can be attacked;
  6. use social networks and mobile devices responsibly.

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