What is passwordless?

Passwordless is a new and modern user authentication method, which allows logging on to computers, systems, and cloud services. It replaces traditional authentication methods like passwords with a physical security key or mobile device.

It's not a secret that the majority of security incidents can be linked to lost or stolen passwords. This is where passwordless solutions can help.

The security level can be increased significantly when replacing passwords with passwordless authentication. In addition to increased security levels, the user experience is improved as users don’t need to remember passwords.


Comparing with password authentication, passwordless does not involve sending a “secret” over the network, that is why it is so secure. In this way, you cannot steal it and authenticate from another computer if you don’t have a security key or mobile device with you.

Project implementation

Passwordless project implementation consists of the following phases:

  • Azure AD configuration
  • Azure AD Connect installation and configuration
  • Configuring Active Directory for passwordless support and single sign-on with applications, which use Windows authentication
  • Passwordless authentication demonstration, testing, and tuning
  • Administrator training

Your benefits

  • Increased security level and decreased risks associated with lost or stolen passwords
  • Improved user experience and productivity (which is lost because of forgotten passwords)
  • Reduced administrative effort required to reset passwords and unlock accounts
  • Responsible and reliable project implementation, which will be performed by highly qualified specialists with solid experience working wit
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