Why bother?

Compatibility with PCI-DSS is necessary if the company processes credit card data. The PCI-DSS standard is meant to ensure secure processing of data associated with credit card transactions. Making the company’s infrastructure compliant with the requirements set in PCI-DSS can be a time-consuming and difficult process which depends both on the volume of the company’s credit card data processing and the goals of such processing. Thus, in order to understand and coordinate an effective action plan for compliance that is specific to your company, we offer the assistance of an experienced team of professionals.

What's the process?

1. We will evaluate the existing credit card data processing situation in the company;

2. We will identify any possible inadequacies, areas of improvement, risks and non-conformities that can endanger the security of credit card data;

3. As a result of the assessment, we shall draw up a report which will include:

  • Identified non-conformities with regards to PCI-DSS; for example, inconsistent or incomplete internal documentation, missing internal processes and misconfigurations in technical solutions.
  • Risks identified and their potential effect on the security of credit card data;
  • A general action plan to address any non-conformities;
  • Detailed recommendations for risk mitigation.

What are the benefits?

  1. An independent assessment of the company’s credit card data processing processes.
  2. The company’s PCI-DSS non-conformities will be examined.
  3. Risks associated with the insecure processing of credit card data will be described in detail.
  4. An action plan for improving the security of credit card data processing procedures.

Let's protect.

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