Cloud-based security for hybrid environment with Microsoft

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Apply for the recording

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Webinar for IT and cybersecurity managers, experts, team leads

June 16, 2021

11.00 - 12.00 (GMT+3)

Free webinar in MS Teams (fill the registration form to get the invitation)

Webinar agenda:

Modern server and endpoint protection with Microsoft Azure Defender (10 min)
Pēteris Ervalds, Head of IT Infrastructure Solutions Department, dots.
Modern Desktop & Azure Administrator Associate, MCSE Windows Server 2016

Demo: Azure Defender in action (10 min)
Eduards Grebežs, IT Infrastructure Solutions Consultant, dots.

Microsoft identity tools and “going passwordless” (10 min)
Aleksandrs Pridorožnijs, IT Infrastructure Solutions Team Lead, dots.

Demo: How does the "passwordless" work? (10 min)
Daniels Gēbels, Junior IT Infrastructure Consultant, dots.

Q&A session (10 min)

How to strengthen an organization’s security posture with Azure?
Valters Gailis, Senior Customer Relationship Manager, dots.

Your job is hard.

Cyberspace is the new battlefield, personnel and financial resources are limited, virtually anything can be disrupted.

And when it comes to defending against cyberattacks, how to be sure about what’s within your digital estate?

What your assets are and what you have to defend against? 

There’s no perimeter for security.

Nowadays IT teams need to protect a bunch of technologies their organization doesn’t own: devices employees use to access corporate data remotely or systems connected by partners and clients.

And any of these points can be a trigger of vulnerability for your overall estate.

This is a game-changer when it comes to security: You can no longer draw perimeters around your organization. 

This is the challenge that we all struggle within IT security. And it's a challenge Microsoft can help with.  

Cloud and hybrid environment.

The cloud can help to manage the complexity of the expanding digital estate. It simplifies and makes security easy to manage. 

The Next-generation of AI and automation in the cloud helps to super-charge your work. 

Managing security centrally helps to consolidate security controls, ensure organizational compliance quickly and monitor security state across cloud infrastructure in real-time. 

Why dots.?

dots. is an information technology company with over 20 years of experience and a proud Microsoft Gold Partner. 

To all our clients we provide the most suitable and secure combination of classic IT, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence technologies.