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Why we created FITS?

Because everyone deserves to feel safe on the road.

What does FITS do?

At its core, FITS is AI-based Intelligent Transportation Platform. Most customers have road and transportation sensors from across a spectrum of vendors and suppliers. FITS automatically collects data from all and any such sensors into a unified data store, fuses it with AI engines and enables business process specific processing for any data-driven use case - from speed enforcement to traffic optimization. It also monitors the fleet of sensors to ensure maximum data collection uptime and includes 24/7 monitoring centre services.

In addition to serving as a unified data store for various planning and forecasting tasks, FITS can be easily expanded into any use case that relies on road and transportation data collected from the fleet of sensors.

Who is it designed for?

Fits. system is designed for:

  1. Law Enforcement,
  2. Road and City Administrations,
  3. Public Safety Organizations,
  4. Road Sensor Service Companies,
  5. Manufacturers,
  6. and all other entities who welcome innovations into their cities and are determined to enhance community’s safety.

Where's the catch?

  1. Data collected into a unified store from all sensors.
  2. Sensor monitoring service option – we will keep an eye on your fleet of sensors to ensure their operational status.
  3. Micro-targeting for vehicle type and other attributes. Adaptable AI engine can be trained to recognize country and city specific vehicle types with high accuracy (e.g. to recognize public transport vehicles in a specific city).
  4. Maximum precision for license plate and issuing country recognition, highly resistant to weather conditions, view angle etc.
  5. Automatic data collection from sensors.

Let's invent.

We are happy to share our knowledge, experience and expertise. Let us know what you need, and we will contact you directly.