IT Security Outsourcing

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Why bother?

As the current business environment is highly dynamic, it is likely that a particular situation may arise where your company may require the aid of an experienced IT security specialist; however, quite often such a need does not necessarily warrant hiring a full-time employee. Security specialist as a service helps to close the gap by offering the services of an experienced IT security professional during these critical moments on a cost-effective model.

What's in it for me?

In order to assist companies in solving difficult situations related to IT security and risk management, we offer a cost-effective solution by enrolling an IT security specialist as a service.

By choosing this service, your company will receive a security specialist who will perform the duties of an IT security manager. While these duties are frequently company-specific, they often entail at least the following points:

  • Preparing IT documentation and ensuring its adherence to applicable regulations.
  • Identifying IT security risks and monitoring the level of risk on a regular basis.
  • User awareness training.
  • Implementing and monitoring SIEM, IPS and DLP systems.
  • Vulnerability management.
  • Security testing IT assets.

Consulting the management, IT administration or development departments in security-related questions.

What do we offer?

The services of an experienced security specialist for companies that, for various reasons, need these services on a short-term basis or for specific, particular goals exclusively, thus allowing the companies to save time and resources by outsourcing and solving these problems effectively.

What are the benefits?

This service is custom-tailored to your specific needs, filling any IT security related gaps in your company.

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