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Current environment requires moving fast – implement new products and services to keep processes flowing. With physical separation among employees comes new threat vectors in digital realm. Our cybersecurity team supports customers in these challenging times to ensure that your users are able to spot and stop phishing attacks and your newly implemented online systems are sufficiently hardened to withstand intrusions.

Cybersecurity training for users – e-learning

Our core e-learning offering provides basic cybersecurity training for users ensuring that they are aware of most common digital threats, can spot them and know how to act when attacked. 

Basic questionnaire provides an overview of skill level of each user. You do not have to buy any hardware or software - this solution is delivered to you from our infrastructure and users need just a browser.

Multifactor authentication (MFA)

Passwords are well known evil and phishing has always been the primary intrusion vector. Now when our users spread out geographically and flow of information becomes faster, risk of phishing attacks becomes even greater as users find it more difficult to distinguish source of information and have even less time to evaluate if the next email they received is dangerous or not.

MFA solutions help mitigating these risks by requiring users to approve their login requests with code or using MFA app on their smartphone in addition to using the password. Even if evil actor learns your password, MFA protects you with this second layer of defence.

We are using Multifactor Authentication (MFA) ourselves for access to cloud and on-premises and we support our customers by implementing and maintaining MFA solutions.

If you are Office365 users or plan to implement it now, core MFA capabilities are included with your Office365 license. MFA is affordable and surprisingly effective, it is the single best defence you absolutely must implement now!

Penetration testing

As you are opening access to your systems from outside, you are exposing them to cybercriminals at the same time.

Our cybersecurity team can provide vulnerability assessment and penetration testing services so that you can close gaps in your defences before attackers use them. We check your systems against known vulnerabilities and attempt to overcome your existing defences to prepare you for what happens when real attack occurs.


Since global pandemic, remote work has gained entirely different meaning. From limited fancy, it suddenly became an absolute necessity.

We are working closely with our customers to ensure core operations can be performed from any place in the world, without being in the office. We support you from planning to migration/implementation and daily maintenance.

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