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IT operations

Device management

Devices move with users. As users stop reporting into office, challenge comes to configure, patch and troubleshoot their devices.

We provide automated device management capabilities using Microsoft Endpoint Manager both for conventional desktops and mobile devices. You can manage all your user devices from a single console, regardless of their location.


As many new systems appear on your infrastructure, some on-premise, some in cloud, you face a challenge of keeping an eye on all of them – what is working and what is not.

We can support you by implementing your own automated system real-time monitoring solution or providing it as a service from our infrastructure so that you have up-to date view of all your infrastructure and receive alerts if something goes wrong.


Since global pandemic, remote work has gained entirely different meaning. From limited fancy, it suddenly became an absolute necessity.

We are working closely with our customers to ensure core operations can be performed from any place in the world, without being in the office. We support you from planning to migration/implementation and daily maintenance.

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