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Remote access to applications

Windows Virtual Desktop

For applications that require desktop environment to run, we can implement Windows Virtual Desktop solution that enables users to run fully fledged Windows desktop from any device (yes, even an iPad) from any place in the world. You don’t even need to buy expensive hardware for that – WVD is delivered from the cloud.

This is powerful solution that allows you to use apps as if in the office in a safe manner, without necessarily reengineering applications themselves. It does require careful planning and deployment, but we are here to support you from initial planning to the maintenance during operations.

Remote Desktop Gateway

If you have sufficient on-premise hardware or want to avoid using cloud for regulatory or policy reasons, we can enable your users to access internal applications and virtual desktops hosted in your infrastructure via Remote Desktop Gateway.

Your users will need just a compatible web browser and will be able to access your internal apps and desktops from any place in the world. It even supports MFA for additional layer of protection.

We support you from planning to operations or RDG solution.

Lift & shift to cloud

If you don’t have sufficient on-premise hardware to support increased load or can not open any remote access to internal infrastructure, we can move your applications to cloud by putting them in a virtual machine and deploying into Microsoft Azure.

It does not require changes in your applications. We work with customers to test if applications support virtualisation, sizing Azure infrastructure, deploying and maintaining these systems.

Application development

There are times when you can’t get away without changing the existing application, even if you just want to open access to it for remote workers. Or maybe you need entirely new application and there is no commercial off-the-shelf product that fits your needs.

We work with customers to deliver required solutions using agile, iterative process. It is built on mutual trust and instead of long cycles of detailed requirements analysis and approvals, moves in short 1-2 week sprints, providing fast progress feedback to customer.

Once developed, we can use our IT operations and cybersecurity competencies to support you during operations of newly build system.


Since global pandemic, remote work has gained entirely different meaning. From limited fancy, it suddenly became an absolute necessity.

We are working closely with our customers to ensure core operations can be performed from any place in the world, without being in the office. We support you from planning to migration/implementation and daily maintenance.

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