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Since global pandemic, remote work has gained entirely different meaning. From limited fancy, it suddenly became an absolute necessity.

We are working closely with our customers to ensure core operations can be performed from any place in the world, without being in the office. We support you from planning to migration/implementation and daily maintenance. 

This page is a summary of most popular services supporting Work From Home. Use it for your own inspiration or request a quote by clicking the button above.

Communicating with customers and employees

Email, safe chat, voice and video communications. Task coordination and management. When physical line of sight provided by convenient colocation in office is lost, these become essential capabilities for business continuity.

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Current environment requires moving fast – implement new products and services to keep processes flowing. With physical separation among employees comes new threat vectors in digital realm. Our cybersecurity team supports customers in these challenging times to ensure that your users are able to spot and stop phishing attacks and your newly implemented online systems are sufficiently hardened to withstand intrusions.

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IT operations

If you are in IT operations, you are facing new challenges. It is essential to keep user devices safe and secure and be able to troubleshoot them even if they are far away from you. Just like expanded infrastructure of multiple apps and services has to be monitored.

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Remote access to applications

You have used systems from corporate offices. Now you need to use them from outside. How to get things done fast without breaking more things?

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